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Getting a Handle on Luggage Fees

Before you take your next flight, check the baggage policy of your airline. Knowing your airline's rules ahead of time can save you a lot of money. Each airline has different luggage policies, charges and restrictions. To help insure that your luggage meets these requirements, and you are aware of any excess baggage charges you may incur, we have provided the following chart providing links to each airline's luggage policy. Choose your airline from the list below.

What you need to know:

Checked baggage policies vary by airline, frequent flyer status, booking class, baggage size and weight. Fees may apply for your first bag and subsequent bags; for sports equipment and oversized bags, as well as bags exceeding the airline's weight limits.

If you are making connections and changing airlines, whether domestically or internationally, you will want to check the policies ahead of time. Below you will find links to each airlines' policy.

To view official Airline Baggage information, please click on the Airline logo below.

Air Canada Baggage Policy Alaska Airlines Baggage Policy
American Airlines Baggage Policy British Airways Baggage Policy
Delta Airlines Baggage Policy Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy
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Qantas Baggage Policy Southwest Baggage Policy
Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy United Airlines Baggage Policy
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